Needy Welfare Trust

        Needy Welfare Trust is a registered non-government organization. It has been seriously working for the welfare of the visually impaired and needy persons.

       The focus of h special needs. Needy Welfare Trust also aims at prevention and screening the children who lack information and facilities because of poverty, impoverishment or lack of stimulation. Needy Welfare Trust also envisions spreading awareness and prevention of blindness and promote Eye Donation and Child Education.

     To make people aware about environmental issues including global warming, how to save earth, how to save trees, how to save paper, how to prevent soil erosion, how to Reduce Pollution of all kinds.

We Work For

      To purchase or acquire land for University, Deemed University, Open University, College and Schools, and other establishments and to construct building thereon for the cause of trust.
To provide study material, education facilities, library facilities and hostel facilities to poor or deserving students.

     To provide quality health care services including basic medical facility, sanitation, general health care and other needful support which can be helpful for public to overcome sufferings and agony of any natural or manmade disaster and to facilitate them to rehabilitate.
   To provide various medical services such as organising health and awareness camps of Immunisation, Eye Care, Motherhood, Child Care, and Communicable Diseases.

     To provide medical, emotional, psychological, social and medical support to senior citizens of our society by setting up various drop-in centres, senior citizen homes, old-age homes and other entertainment centres. So that these highly honorable people should not be neglected.

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We Work For
2  Name:- Jubair Alam
 Age:- 12 year
2  Name:- Veer
 Age:- 4 year
Success Story
2  Name:- Jaiveer
 Age:- 8 year
2  Name:- Prachi
 Age:- 14 year
1  Name:- Ritesh
 Age:- 9 year
1  Name:- Aman
 Age:- 4 year
3  Name:- Rahul
 Age:- 2 year
4  Name:- Gaurav
 Age:- 3 year
5  Name:- prem chand
 Age:- 40 year

     "A small group of thoughtful
people could change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing
that ever has"


Money is NOT the only thing
that you need to support for
social awareness and to make a
positive impact.To know more
ways of supporting Needy Welfare Trust.


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